Lake Arrowhead #OptOutside

While Black Friday is normally a day for shoppers to get a head start on Christmas shopping, REI challenged its customers to try something a little unconventional on the consumeristic holiday: ditch the shopping bags and head outdoors. 

I've never liked Black Friday and the ideals that it supports. I mean, we give thanks around a table full of our loved ones and then head out to Best Buy at midnight to wait in line for a new flat screen? It just doesn't seem right. 

Naturally, I was stoked when I heard REI was closing it's doors and encouraging everyone to #OptOutside. My friend and I decided to head to Lake Arrowhead since Yosemite just wasn't something that we could make happen this time around. 

We were greeted by cloudy skies and falling snow. I was overwhelmed with joy and cold-but it was well worth it. Here are some shots from the day.