Inspiration from Procrastination

I often find myself procrastinating on the really important things (don't we all, though, am I right?). I've always been this way: I get overwhelmed and instead of dealing with the task at hand I don't do it all. Not the best plan, I admit. It's something I'm working on but it's still something I struggle with.

It happened again the other night. I was supposed to shoot some product but I wasn't feeling super inspired and nothing was working so, instead, I gave up and decided to take photos of my sister. It was super spur of the moment. She was just sitting on her bed and the light in her room was so ambient as it was starting to become dusk. I picked up my camera and told her to pose, not taking 'no' for an answer. 

I began shooting and then spontaneously decided that, yes, let's risk our lives and get on the roof. It was a great choice. In that split second decision to just start shooting, I felt a rush of inspiration and creativity that I hadn't felt in a couple weeks. 

It was really refreshing and got me excited to try new things. Especially since I hadn't done a shoot for fun in a while. I'm looking forward to do more things like this whenever I get the chance.

Below are my favorites from that night: 

Moral of the story: Sometimes when you procrastinate it gives your brain a chance to recharge in a different way, giving you the inspiration you need to finish the thing you actually intended to do. Procrastination doesn't always have to be a bad thing, as long as you do it wisely. 

Is that a thing? Can you procrastinate wisely? Oh well, I'm making it a thing. I'm only going to productively procrastinate from now on. Yes, I realize how much of an oxymoron that is but I'm going to give it a try.